Tips for creating the best blog titles in your industry

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best blog titles

The best blog titles have a lot of work put into them. Industry leaders often utilize tools and consult experts on how to craft super headlines that catch attention and convert prospects. Content marketing is a powerful way to grow a brand and build a business, and a large part of it relies on catching attention while deriving value. As your eyes move down this blog post (assuming you have eyes and are not a bot), you’re probably not reading. You’re skimming. Scanning for information that’s relevant to you and to get the overall idea of this blog post.

15 seconds – that’s the average time a reader spends focusing on a blog post before they move on to other parts of the site. Statistics may suggest that 55% of users are prone to this type of behaviour.

In light of this, it’s easy to see how important it is that you keep your site’s visitors constantly engaged. Consistent content that adds value can ultimately convert casual readers into warm prospects. So; how exactly can you create engaging blog posts?

While an array of factors may be involved in content marketing, one of the most integral components of a great blog post is structure. With proper structure, readers will probably be more willing to sit through and share your posts, subscribe to your social media channels, and become loyal followers of your brand. Here are a few basic tips to help ensure that your blog posts are well-structured and ready for your audience and for enhanced brand awareness.

The best blog titles have a captivating headline

Plenty of content specialists who deal with organic digital marketing may tell you that the bulk of your article’s bite lies in the catchy title you give it. Until you can come up with a great headline that comprises the best blog titles in your arsenal, you might as well not start writing your blog post just yet.

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, even if you have great content, readers probably won’t be compelled to read through it (or even look at it) if the title is bland. Secondly, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) often requires that keywords be incorporated into titles and content in order for your articles to get picked up. If, for instance, your keyword is cooking tips, get this keyword to appear in your title and early on in the body of your content.

When you write longer posts, you can leverage the power of long-tail keywords and latent semantic indexing. The spread of keywords creates a more effective matrix for potentially getting ranked on search engines.

Follow up with a good intro

The best blog titles may get the reader onto your site, but the intro keeps them reading. Once readers are engaged with your headline and click on your post, the introduction of your write-up should maintain the same magnetic rhythm. Creating an engaging introduction for good content marketing can be a little tricky, but you don’t have to come up with an award-winning masterpiece. Just make sure that you have a fairly effective hook, in order to keep your readers engaged.

There are three main ways to give your intro a juicy hook. Either present a problem that your reader can relate to, use statistics or solid facts to evoke an emotional response (like fear), or ask a simple but thought-provoking question. Set the tone for the rest of the article.

Apply a variety of keywords throughout

Remember that SEO is a big part of writing blog posts for businesses, and crafting the best blog titles is one portion of the battle. Keywords for SEO should be used to build an online presence and gradually helps your content to rise up the ranks in search. An array of different keywords that are related to your industry (and the article) should be included.

Don’t just apply a keyword to the title and introduction. Distribute a variety of them throughout the body. The longer your post is, the more opportunities there are for you to use different keywords for optimized content marketing. In order to pull readers through SEO, you should think like your readers. What would they be searching for? How many ways can you search for that particular subject? If “writing good headlines” is one search term, consider “creating killer headlines”, “how to write titles” and “effective headlines”.

Use plenty of links in your body

Search engines are more inclined to pick up on posts that contain links. These can be links to other related posts within your site or to external sites and resources that add value to the topic. Let’s say that you mention a certain marketing term in the body of your article that’s about digital marketing.

This can be a great opportunity to either link that word to another post within your site or an external source that delves deeper into the explanation of the term. Combined with the best blog titles, this can do wonders for your SEO and your post’s structure and your visitors will likely appreciate the additional information as well.

Use other forms of media for content marketing

As long as you don’t overdo it, multimedia can enhance and add value to your blog post and boost overall content marketing. A picture or videos can complement your written content beautifully. Just be careful not to leave your blog post section crowded with too many distractions. In fact, be sure not to clutter your entire site with too many Call To Actions and Advertisements, because these issues can reduce the readability of your blog posts.

Sub-Headings and Lists are great too

It may be a very common format, but it’s probably common because it works. Using subheadings (H2 and H3) can help make your post easier to read and let people focus on key points. List articles (also known as listicles) are also fantastic ways to structure a blog post – simply list down a bunch of options (like places to eat or tips in numerical order). People appreciate this clean and simple approach to blog posts.

Blog posts. These digital marketing tools can make powerful additions to your content marketing arsenal. Use a proper structure that optimizes readability, engagement, and simplicity. If you get the structure right, you may just garner more traction than you ever expected.

Feel free to mix and match, pick and choose. Like parts of a car. Just try not to deviate too far from this core structure


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