Doing social media for your brand? Consider owned media as part of your marketing plan

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social media marketing plan

Social media marketing plans, advertising strategies, and content marketing tactics are widely used by many current brands online. Today, it’s likely that almost every organization uses digital marketing tools to its benefit. Digital marketing has a universal appeal, from big companies to small startups. There is, however, a catch. Not all digital marketing instruments and techniques work equally. Their effectiveness largely depends on the organization, the target audience, and the goals of the business. So, for a big company, what could perform incredibly well might not yield the same results for a startup.

It doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money to build a killer internet marketing campaign. Your time, commitment and imagination are all that is needed. You’ll get started with these ideas. When you can brainstorm your way to a killer marketing strategy, why split up the bank for your marketing needs? Simple and affordable are the best marketing ideas, but they don’t come out of the blue. They need a creative thinking process that is out-of-the-box.

Develop an SEO strategy

With search engine optimization, the marketing strategy works hand in hand to push your brand’s awareness efforts forward. Most businesses rely on Google AdWords for ads, which can be very pricy, but SEO is a great choice because you don’t have to pay for each search engine click you get. Social media marketing plans usually rely on a combination of organic and paid campaigns, and platforms may have their own conditions for SEO.

An effective SEO strategy needs to define a specific keyword that will draw high traffic to your low-competitive startup website and modify your site to use those keywords to improve your search results positions.

• Make structural and code-changes to your site.

• Add keywords in your Title Tags.

• Publish consistently high-quality content and create new landing pages to target new queries.

• Add in internal links between related pages.

• Attract high-quality backlinks to your domain.

This is a lot of work, but the effort is worth it as your startup will reap tremendous long-term benefits, as SEO could account for up to 50% of your monthly overtime traffic.

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Build a referral network

The easiest way to advertise for startups is to build a campaign that encourages your customers to advertise for you. New customers are likely to buy your product or service when referred to your company by a past client – their friends, family, and workmates. More than anything, individual confidence, personal advice, and the growth of social networks and strategies for social sales play a major role as part and parcel of your social media marketing plan. Create a referral program that enables your customer to get gifts or give a discount to your current customer in return for a new customer referral.

Transparency, particularly for start-ups, is a very important quality, even if nothing goes wrong. Asking for feedback is a perfect way to consider your customers’ personalities and how happy they are with your company’s service so that you can draw on this for the future.

Cultivate relationships with influencers

Like your clients, influencers are just as essential. They are the people that the target audience listens to regularly. Influencers may include YouTube channel hosts or TV and radio celebrities. An effective social media marketing plan often includes an outreach aspect towards influencers who are a suitable match for the brand.

Call possible influencers, send emails, provide goods or services free of charge. One mention from these high-profile individuals will catapult your business start-up to a credible and legitimate force from practically nothing.

Launch a content marketing strategy

There are many different strategies for content marketing, and none of them needs to be costly. Starting a blog or a guide and introducing in some special and realistic way new, insightful, or entertaining material, such as answering questions your customers may have, is a great way to grow your audience. To further engage your guests, you should complement your campaign with infographics, podcasts, and videos. The correct inbound and content marketing strategy will enhance the credibility of your company, increase your traffic and complement another strategy in this article’s form.

Build a social media marketing plan

The power of an inexpensive social media marketing plan is recognized by many startups. However, only a few understand the significance of using the right platforms. Different personalities and audiences serve different social media sites. Audiences interact differently with each platform. Thus, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your business.

Some of the channels and their behaviors include:

• Facebook: This is the powerhouse of social media. You’ll likely find all audience types on this platform. But you are not in business for everyone, so you must determine where you can find your targets and reach out to them.

• Instagram: This is a great tool for native advertisement purposes. Since the algorithm is optimized for valuable content, you’ll likely gain a natural following of your target audience if you provide quality content.

• Twitter: Twitter is another top-notch social media channel that can enhance a social media marketing plan. However, consistency is paramount to gain and maintain a significant audience. The ultimate goal should be to provide content that is relevant to your audience.

It’s recommended that you analyze each channel and test it. You can participate in a funded campaign for a small amount of money. With due diligence, you can be assured you can produce success sooner rather than later.

Video Marketing

Short, interactive, and insightful videos are the real deal now. Posting videos that align deeply with the goals and vision of your brand helps your clients to understand what you stand for. This is why brands are now increasingly sharing videos to update their audience and spread awareness through social media tools like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat stories.

Additionally, for your audience, you could also post engaging tutorials, webinars, and live Q&A sessions. This will not only help to keep your audience involved, but also answer your product/service questions.

Focus on User Experience

Your audience is all about you, as the marketing emphasis has changed from profit maximization to maximizing customer loyalty. Keeping them happy and fulfilled will ensure that you remain important for the long haul in the market. Therefore, it is important to plan all your digital marketing strategies, keeping your target audience’s desires, requirements, and pain points in mind.

You need to spend your time and money on research to do this. Figure out what kind of content your audience is will interact with the most, what products/services will better solve their concerns, what social media platforms do they spend most of their time on when they are online, what they say on social media channels about your brand and products/services, and so on. This kind of thorough study would help you better understand your audience and help you develop a special and personalized user experience for them. In fact, many social media marketing plans and marketing plans, in general, are now designed to closely correlate with good user experience.

Know your competition

Chances are that your rivals are also using social media, and that means that you can benefit from what they do. A competitive evaluation helps you to consider who the competition is and what they are doing well (and not well). You will get a clear idea of what is expected in your market, which will help you set your own social media goals. It will help you spot possibilities as well.

For instance, maybe one of your rivals is dominant on Facebook but has put little effort into Twitter or Instagram. Instead of trying to attract viewers away from a dominant player, you might want to concentrate on the networks where your audience is underserved.


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