Blog titles, What makes a good blog post title?

What makes a good blog post title?

Blog titles are the first part of your blog post and the part necessary for getting people to click through and read the remainder. Any time a reader enjoys your content enough to share it with their social network, the title is what others can see. Internet marketing through blogs requires that the writer excels through blog titles.

It is easy to write blog post titles, but it is a whole different story to write blog titles that will pull in huge traffic. You’ll need to first consider what kind of titles draw the most traffic and have the highest click-through rate to write better blog titles. You’ll be able to create blog titles that attract real traffic to your blog once you’ve learned these factors.

If you read this first sentence you’ve just read the headline. Your headline is your first opportunity, and often your only chance, to grab the attention of a reader. When your blog post appears in Google search results, on a guest blog or in a social media sharing post, it is the first thing they’ll see. It’s almost difficult for a brilliant headline not to click. It is the first ultimate digital marketing tool.

It takes time and practice to make compelling headlines, but here are some steps you can take to speed up the process of learning:

1. Use Titillating Adjectives

This is a very quick way for any headline to be spiced up. Don’t just write about five Thanksgiving dinner recipes or write about five incredible Thanksgiving dinner recipes. Forget about winter cute outfit suggestions, and write about cute ideas for winter outfits.

When you use a new and surprising adjective, this technique is even more successful. “Five Delicious Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill” is a good example.

2. Use numbers to give concrete takeaways

There is an explanation why, in their headlines, so many writers use numbers (like in this article). It’s functional and rewarding.

Experiment: Go to the grocery store and search the checkout lane for the magazines. Look at the headlines of a front-page post. If it’s a health magazine or a newspaper, it doesn’t matter; many of them will use numerals in their headlines.

There are no rules (as far as I know) about what numbers work best, but only three to five points are generally remembered by people. That said, a very mysterious number like 19 or 37 is good at drawing people’s attention.

3. Make A Promise – And Deliver

This is a more risky tactic for headlines, but it’s successful. Start your article by making an almost absurd point. Just make sure the results you promise can be delivered inside the body of the report. They’ll be quick to take you up on your offer if you can teach your readers how to get better at math in just five minutes.

You know what keeps them up at night if you know your target audience. Write a headline that addresses an issue for far too long that they have been grappling with. You can build a grateful reader and, possibly, a loyal customer if you can deliver on a commitment that matters to them.

4. Use Your Keyword Research.

You’re probably already doing keyword research if you have a blog to help you figure out what your audience thinks about, searches for, and the terminology they use when they do so. In your blog titles, put that information to work.

Consider using the language used by your clients. Both enhancing the SEO of your blog posts (which helps people find them) and getting them to click on the post once they see it are good for them. You want to be careful not to try to force a target keyword uncomfortably into a blog title, but you should be able to use the keyword naturally if your blog post is on the topic you are targeting.

5. Oversell, don’t.

Try and remember to check that the title used in the blog post fits the post’s content. Don’t say that if it probably won’t, your content is going to “blow your mind” (how would anyone measure that anyway?). Don’t say the “definitive guide to” what you’re writing about in your blog post if it’s a short post that just covers the basics of the subject. If in your headline you plan to make a huge sale, then do the job to make a blog post that delivers, or find out another headline.

6. Be Specific

Relevant headlines still outperform ambiguous headlines. Consider adding some information that will draw the interest of the reader while making your headline. For specificity, number headlines are ideal as they state exactly what the reader is going to get.

“For example, you could get more specific and create a headline such as “Top 5 Dog Grooming Tips” rather than a headline like “lots of tips about dog grooming.

7. Create Controversy

Due to its controversial nature, Banksy’s graffiti art has earned worldwide attention

The controversy is fascinating and appears to get clicks as a result. When you can take a clear stance instead, do not bother to take a secure, neutral middle ground, explaining why your views make more sense. You are not allowed to devolve into libel or personal attacks. You might not want to seem too controviersial, particularly if you can offer an eloquent, convincing post instead.

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