blog specialist, Should I outsource to a blog specialist or freelance writer?

Should I outsource to a blog specialist or freelance writer?

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If you want to improve your marketing arsenal and gradually generate more sales, you’ll need to find the right kind of writer. There has been only one clear choice in the past – a copywriter. However, things aren’t as simple today. Content specialists of various kinds have entered the market. These may make up a superior option, depending on your needs.

You need to consider some factors before making a choice and inspect your own preferences as well as priorities.

What do copywriters excel at?

The origin of the copywriter stems from age-old advertising practices. They are regarded as the backbone of the creative team in most ad agencies, responsible for creating effective copy that works well with accompanying designs and advertising campaigns. They are considered pure sales writers, and when they write content, they prefer copy that leads to sales.

Although modern copywriters often write anything and everything, they tend to excel and focus on marketing aspects like PPC ads, autoresponder sequences and emails, landing pages, long-form sales letters and video sales letters (amongst other things).

What are content specialists?

Content specialists are a relatively newer concept that formed around the prominence of the internet. They are mostly (but not necessarily exclusively) focused on content pieces that help build brand awareness and instigate action. The call to action that they incorporate in their work may either be obvious but, more often, there is a subtle push towards getting prospects to engage with a brand.

They usually focus on the many components of digital marketing tools, comprising blog posts, social media updates, newsletter articles, “native” ads and conventional advertorials. 

In fact, some content specialists (like social media content specialists or blog specialists) hyper-focus on specific aspects. This allows them to prioritize precision and produce even more effective content pieces within the focused area.

What are your objectives?

This is a question you need to ask yourself. Are there certain points in your marketing strategy that you want to prioritize? If you need to build effective copy for a string of ads in an upcoming ad campaign, then copywriters are great at writing compelling content that quickly gains the attention of prospects and raises brand awareness.

If you need to focus on something specific, like a social media account or your branded blog, then content specialists might be better suited to deliver effective content.

Blog specialists can help produce consistent posts that are designed to improve SEO, draw prospects to your site, and subtly promote your offerings to potential customers. They can contribute to your organic digital marketing efforts and boost brand awareness with well-crafted, informative blog posts.

What’s your budget?

Outsourcing to writers means that you might find a wide range of potential offers and prices. The amount you pay for content is often a subjective matter and you’ll have to consider how much you’re willing to allocate out of your budget to deliver results for your specific objectives.

Copywriters can be quite expensive – depending on their experience and market value – so it may be pretty costly to use experienced copywriters for consistent blog post-production on a monthly basis. Also, why would you? As mentioned, copywriters are there to sell. Blog posts are there to inform. However, using a good copywriter for a one-time ad or a batch of newsletters has been proven to be very effective.

Blog specialists have designed their entire work structure around consistent blog post-production which means that their pricing could be suitable for brands and businesses who want a long-term production team. Specialists could save you money in the long run, since they have a hyper-focused offering and often charge reasonable rates for their services.

Looking into organic digital marketing for your business? Have absolutely no idea how? Fret not! Here are some pointers for you to consider: get to know what copywriters do and how they can help you (and the differences between them and content specialists), why you need content specialists, find out your objectives, and take a good look at what you can afford as a startup or small business.

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