, Communicating your EdTech vision through blog posts

Communicating your EdTech vision through blog posts

Education is changing in a big way, especially now that we have entered a new era. EdTech (Education Tech) is bringing a new dimension to learning, dramatically increasing efficiency and diversity with regards to how teachers, students, and companies streamline their efforts to ‘get with the times’.

There’s a problem though.

With the sheer range of technology-driven solutions in the market, it can be hard to convey your vision to prospects as an EdTech company owner.

Currently, there’s an explosion of EdTech services and products, with startups receiving enormous amounts of funding. The competition is fierce, but it’s not impossible for EdTech players to survive and grow.

Here are a few tips on how to communicate your vision in this crowded space.


Take a unique approach

The education industry is a little different when compared to other traditional businesses. Teachers may not believe in or easily incorporate new technology. Even if they do, they need to wait for budgetary approval before moving forward, which means that EdTech marketers should influence administrators, not just educationists. Marketers need to understand that education prospects value word-of-mouth recommendations and in-person communication. What this essentially means is that trust is a prominent factor.

Focus more on building your brand gradually instead of just directly marketing your product. Blog posts and other forms of content marketing are great examples of digital marketing tools for gradual brand building.


Focus on solutions

One of the most common mistakes is to not focus on a solution-oriented approach to marketing. Many EdTech companies begin to stop focusing on clearly talking about how they solve a problem within the industry. If you’re in EdTech, using buzzwords and vague language probably won’t do you much good. A “cloud-based collaborative learning platform” doesn’t really say much about how technology can add value to your prospects in education. Keep things simple, include clear and concise messaging and focus on the problem that you aim to solve.

Hone down on a specific community

By niching down on a specific segment of the education community, you can build momentum and provide value before convincing people to buy your product. Get involved in the community, get to know people by creating your own online community that revolves around specific aspects of education and gently push them towards your product and its advantages. Your aim should be to share a common message and capitalize on a particular passion, writing about it in your blog posts and sharing these to relevant channels, groups or online communities.

Create a valuable brand through content

One thing that makes content creation so powerful is this. You can provide tremendous value to prospects. This can lead to the development of a solid inbound marketing strategy. Brainscape is a great example of how startups can use a wide variety of topics in their blogs that revolve around a specific aspect (like learning and memory). EdTech startups should learn to create non-invasive, value-driven content through blog posts so that they can become expert advisors on particular topics. This perception of being an expert in a niche can do wonders for your brand.

Use your blog to engage prospects

When people are being bombarded by ads, organic digital marketing can be a great alternative. Blogs can be used in creative ways to garner traction, grow brand awareness and build engagement gradually. Use customizable classroom blogs to involve students with writing and collaboration for projects. Set up individual blogs for students, create a community through a network of student blogs or start a classroom newsletter. These kinds of approaches to using blogs can help keep things exciting for students and prospects who are looking for engaging and fun activities.

During your process of content creation through blog posts, document and track whatever progress is being made. Set engagement goals and indicators that you can analyze, and adjust your content marketing strategy based on your findings. These findings can even come in handy for educators who want to see a track record of engagement or want to build a knowledge base.


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