, Looking to export? Here are 5 ways your own English blog posts can help

Looking to export? Here are 5 ways your own English blog posts can help

The exporting process can seem challenging. No matter which sector your business falls into, opening up your products or services to international markets can lead to some amazing opportunities. However, entering new markets can be difficult. 

Thankfully, high-speed connectivity and the growing power of the internet have made marketing to foreign customers much easier. Content creation in the form of your own blog posts can help you gain worldwide exposure for your business.

Here are a few things to take note of.

55% of marketers consider blogging their top inbound marketing priority

Having a blog for your business can be considered important in many ways. As a component in a modern content marketing strategy, this tool can be a cost-effective and popular way for businesses to build authority and grow their presence through information. Content marketing statistics from HubSpot apparently show that marketers prioritise blogs over all other inbound marketing strategies.

Blogs can help with Search Engine Optimization

The internet can be an incredibly powerful way to connect with potential customers overseas. If search engines prioritise fresh, valuable content, consistently publishing blog posts can provide Google with new content to index. This can, in turn, bring about opportunities for you to use keywords that increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS).

Blogs can grow your online presence

With a growing online presence, the possibility that people in other markets will find your business blog posts (and therefore your website) can go up. A wealth of SEO, as well as leads, can be generated through consistently publishing blog posts and, as an added bonus, your business can benefit from backlinks when other websites begin to link to your blog posts. Search engines may consider backlinks such as these as an endorsement of your authority.

64% of B2B marketers would rather outsource their blog writing

According to research from Orbit Media, a large portion of B2B marketers consider blogs as so important that they are willing to use specialists to write them. One of the biggest advantages of business blogs is that they are extremely cost-effective in comparison to other marketing efforts (such as PPC advertising).

Statistics show that blogs can gradually generate organic leads and garner legitimate interest in a product or service, with results outweighing the cost of hiring writers. Many successful entrepreneurs have used their own blogs to increase exposure across the globe, with a large portion of them hiring writers for consistent content creation.

It can help establish your business as an industry leader

Using English blog posts with valuable, expert information revolving around your industry can, in time, help your website be seen as a go-to resource for helpful, informative content. This can eventually lead to higher conversion rates, and build your business up as an authority in your industry. This can go a long way when exporting.

Consistent and well-targeted blog posts can be powerful when looking to enter saturated international markets. They can help your business stand out from the crowd and establish your brand as an authority that has advice that’s worth listening to.

Informative content can revolve around entrepreneurial skills or proper idea implementation strategies that help readers solve their own problems. Either way, you can look forward to consistent and beneficial posts doing something for your brand and business in the long run.


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