How long should a blog post be? The answer might be more complicated than you think

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how long should a blog post be

How long should a blog post be? That’s the burning question that’s on many minds. Are there even any hard and fast rules about blog post length and does it even matter? To answer that question, we have to consider the aspect of traction as a main objective to creating content online. You might have something interesting to say, a service to sell or a product to promote, and content marketing can be an incredibly effective method for raising awareness.

However, there are many factors involved in creating content that converts, especially in this day and age. The short answer is that the length of your article doesn’t matter as much, not anymore. Instead, what matters more is the specificity of your write-up, the technical optimization aspects, the structure of your article, and the value that you offer.

Unless you write solely for yourself, your blog needs to generate an audience who might find interest in topics you write about. For bloggers, SEO might not be the most appealing subject matter when it comes to building better traction. To many, the term conjures images penned not for readers, but content stuffed with keywords focused on search engines. To everyone else, SEO is a somewhat boring but essential part of promoting your product or service online.

Many variables impact the ranking system of Google, and SEO serves to fulfill as many of them as possible. Most of them are inseparably interconnected. For example, the length of each blog post affects both the number of searchable keywords and the quality of the content itself.

This is why digital marketing tools have exploded as an industry over the past decade. Even with the growing number of factors involved in optimizing content, one of the most prominent questions when it comes to crafting blog posts that convert is; how long should a blog post be?

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about word length in accordance with SEO:

Google doesn’t decide the ranking of a page merely by looking at its word count

While content length could possibly correlate with better search rankings, long-form content is just one of the factors that help Google rank pages. If that sounds complicated, it’s because the performance of the content’s SEO involves a lot of moving pieces. Just because your blog post is long, it doesn’t mean that you are bound to experience a higher ranking or conversions. Without substance, direction, and good technical structure, the algorithm may dismiss you all the same.

For startups that need to make a name for themselves, mastering SEO is essential to grow in any industry, competitive or not. If your only question is “how long should a blog post be?” and not “how well does my blog post provide value to my readers?”, then you might be missing the point because modern SEO metrics are not based on something as simple as word count alone.

Wondering about blog post length? Think about strategy instead with these tips.

How long should a blog post be and how many words should content have?

There is no single response to this as some material is better left short and some require more discussion. The best advice that marketers and writers give you is that your content should be as long as it needs to be. In short terms, value over length.

How long should a blog post be? The best answer to date is that blog posts should be as long as it is necessary from all possible angles to fully answer a query while remaining directly on point and not slipping away into tangents or irrelevant topics. This could mean anything from 1000 words to 600 or more, depending on the topic of the blog post.

Sometimes the subject is really small and can be fully answered in shorter sentences. For bigger subjects, as long as your content remains relevant to the title of the post, the longer the better. For the search term that you are targeting with your post, aim to match or beat what the competition is doing.

Google values content that is found useful by users. If you want to rank well, always concentrate only on providing your readers with that value and utility.

Instead of being obsessed with length, try to get backlinks and social shares

Instead of just worrying about the question; how long should a blog post be, try to expand your knowledge on the other little components involved in creating a well-optimized and searchable content piece. Quality backlinks, can make a significant contribution to improving search rankings. Consider being helpful with your content and try to provide users with the answers they are looking for.

Publish and share your content, and try to get reactions from real content consumers. Content is not just about word length or SEO or word count triggers to get search engine crawlers automatically. There is an indication that the average user of social media wants to consume content that is useful.

A mix of lengths may be good. You might require some longer posts if you intend to target the very competitive shorter tail keyword searches. You may even be able to close in on shorter tail keyword searches by working with long-tail keywords.

Consider thinking more about content than length. Here are some thoughts on the type of content that businesses should focus on

How long should a blog post be? As long as it needs to be

In a nutshell, the question of “how long should a blog post be?” is quite simple to answer. It needs to be as long as necessary in order to deliver everything your article needs to deliver. The point of the article must be clear, the value must be present, and the structure must be free from any inconsistencies. Additionally, it’s crucial to look into the other overlooked aspects of fine-tuning your SEO.



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